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Michael How

Lead Level Designer at Creative Assembly

Michael How is a Game Designer who currently works at Creative Assembly in Horsham. Michael was previously the Lead Designer on Sniper Elite 3, taking Karl Fairburn through the deserts of North Africa and onto to the number 1 spot in the sales charts. He is utterly ecstatic to be given the chance to work on the Halo IP and get stuck right into crafting the story and environments for Halo Wars 2.

Michael is driven to create unique and challenging environments for games and has been doing so for 10 years. He’s been fortunate to work with the likes of Hellboy, Yoda, Optimus Prime and the crew of the Spirit of Fire since starting in the industry in 2006. Along the way he’s met some incredibly talented people and had a whole lot of fun making games.

When not creating worlds or tinkering with design projects, Michael always seeks to challenge himself by exploring remote locations to take photos and film. He is most comfortable on an icy slope with a camera in hand and a snow storm for company.

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