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Simon Etienne Rozner

Senior Game Designer at Rovio


Simon Etienne Rozner started as a texture artist in the games industry and after working in the UK, USA, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and Finland. He had his first brush with Game Design as an intern working at Lionhead Studios on Black & White. For a few years Simon lectured full-time including at the DigiPen Institute of Technology Game Design Program and collaborative game design courses with Ubisoft in Singapore. In Singapore he also design experimental music games together with designer Roberto Dillon. When not making games, he takes care of his family and passionately climbs mountains, his other dream job.

My Recommended Resources

My Advice

As to general skills, I encourage designers to play with different level editors, from SC2 to UDK and learning some basic game coding. Flash although old is a fun and simple way to jump into this and learn some basic understanding of it, especially after reading Game Architecture and Design.